Thursday, May 3, 2012

One Year Ago, Thanks

One year ago today I submitted a little book entitled "Preparing for the Coming Collapse of the US Dollar" to be published on Three years ago, I began seeing a lot of what all those people I thought were crazy were talking about. The value of the dollar plunging. The debt increasing. A devastating economic crash that was on it's way. Seeing each part of this nefarious plot unfold, hearing Soros brag about the economies he has collapsed and how his lifelong goal is to collapse the dollar and America it all led me to a single question, "What can I do?"

I began reading endless books about the collapse of the dollar and they all had an angle. This one was an explanation as to WHY the dollar was collapsing, the other was on how to PROFIT from a collapse another was on what we should do as a country to prevent the collapse. Great, if we could only get the whole country to read that one and do what it said.

The bottom line with me was, I didn't care WHY the dollar would collapse, I certainly didn't need to know how to PROFIT from a collapse, I was and still am barely making ends meet. What I wanted to know was what I can do to provide for my family for the day we awake to find the dollar is worthless. So I started doing research. It came down to four essentials, food & water, energy, protection and communication.

How does one get food and water when stores are emptied and money doesn't work? Hurricane Season 2004 taught us in Florida that money means nothing when the power is off. It took weeks for some stores to be restocked. What would happen if it were a month, two months or a semi-permanent situation? The information I learned I gathered into one volume and it became my book.

If I could do things differently, organize it a little better, correct some grammar and such I would. It was just urgent to me to get this information out there. When I published the book, I did not know I could have a Facebook page for a book. I started the FB page almost a month after the book was published. I remember being so excited to get 25 likes so I could get my page it's own name!

A year later I see the 802 people who get these posts and notes and I have to say this, Thank you. I have learned so much even after the book was out. Preppers, Gardeners, Chicken farmers, energy experts and homesteaders all of you have taught me and the rest of us what may well be the most valuable information we will ever have this side of Heaven. This FB page is a continual re-writing of my book, new chapters, new topics, new ways of doing things we've never even tried before! Thank you all for sharing, thank you for asking the hard questions, and thank you for putting up with little ole' me.


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