Thursday, July 18, 2013

Hitching Their Wagon to a Falling Star

The recent acquittal of George Zimmerman brought outrage from the black community, from the ‘usual suspects’ of Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton (I refuse to use the title ‘reverend’ for either of them.). This reveals a clear lack of vision for the majority of those in the black community and a pattern of hitching their wagon to a falling star. Their argument for racism being prevalent is attached to an event or person and any disagreement with the rhetoric that falls from the mouths of these master manipulators is dismissed as ‘racist’ even when the facts become clear. In 1994, the so-called trial of the century with OJ Simpson being accused of murder turned into an outcry against racism as the typical race-baiters came out in full force proclaiming him innocent of murder. Anyone who took the facts of OJ’s flight in the infamous white Ford bronco, or the facts of his clear hot-headed anger towards his wife, including pictures of her with bruises from several of the previous times he beat her up was considered a racist. The problem lies in that the black community hitches their wagon, i.e. ties every argument against racism to one incident, one issue or one person. Sadly for them the facts generally betray their ultimate goal. Ask any of them and they would tell you that their goal is to end racism in this country. But these constant issues and persons that Jackson, Sharpton and even President Obama keep hanging the future of the credibility of their anti-racist rants. When the failure of the prosecution in the OJ Simpson case became evident in the ‘not guilty’ verdict, Los Angeles breathed a sigh of relief. Two years earlier, 53 people were murdered by the black community in riots that destroyed large areas of the city after the acquittal of four police officers in the beating of Rodney King. As terrible as that beating appeared, the 22 second clip of the beating was replayed over and over to the exclusion of the rest of the video. The rest of the video showed Mr. King reaching for something in his pocket. As the facts came out later, it turns out the King was out on parole for armed robbery. The police would have known who he was and would have tried to prevent him from getting a weapon. But those facts were ignored. To point them out was considered to be racist. And the anger of the black community against this police ‘racism’ broke out into rioting. Again, the credibility of the black community was tied to someone who was not worthy of the trust they placed in him as being an innocent victim. When the truth about OJ came out, i.e. he did own a pair of those ‘ugly @$$ shoes, he did have blood on him, and he even had the audacity to write a book explaining how he killed the two and entitled it, “If I Did It”. To this day, neither Jackson nor Sharpton have reversed their position on the OJ case. In 2006, three members of the Duke University Lacrosse team were accused by Crystal Gail Mangum, a stripper and prostitute by trade and a student at North Carolina Central University, coincidentally Ms. Magnum is black. When the accusation was made public it was the poor black victim versus the rich, white entitled Duke boys. Again Jackson and Sharpton made the issue about the victim’s race. Again it was a white versus black thing. The outcry over the ‘rape’ brought in media outlets from all over the country. The Duke boys were tried and convicted in the media. The accused boys were suspended from the team, made pariahs at Duke University and were forced to leave the school. The black civil rights leaders were talking justice, law suits against the University and against the boys. Again all of the credibility of the racism argument were hitched to Ms. Mangum. Then the truth came out. The boys were nowhere near her at the time she said the rape occurred. She and her prostitute stripper cohort were in the parking lot of a Kroger. What DNA was recovered didn’t match any of the Lacrosse players. There was DNA from several males, but none of them were the Duke boys. Her story changed with each telling of it and the charges were later dropped. But those Lacrosse players endured an ordeal that few have. To date, Jackson and Sharpton have nothing to say about the rallies, support and everything they showed for Ms. Mangum. Jackson even offered to pay her tuition to college when she got over the trauma. Again, the credibility of the black community hitched it to an unreliable person and again the credibility is left in a shambles. It has been the same outcome with the Trayvon Martin/George Zimmerman case. The facts are evident. Martin was a thief, used pot, and a street drug called Purple Lean made from Robitussin cough syrup and wait for it. . . skittles and watermelon tea drink. The Lean drug makes one paranoid and aggressive. Martin’s posts on Facebook to a friend make it clear he was looking to make this street drug. They weren’t admitted into evidence. Instead, Jackson and Sharpton paint Trayvon as the portrait of innocence in his picture from six years prior. To call into question the idea that this poor black child (as the prosecutor kept calling him) was anything but innocent and cherub like is considered racist. The facts and eyewitnesses state that Martin was on top of Zimmerman beating him senseless. The prosecutions lead witness Rachel Jeantel admitted to talent show host Piers Morgan that Trayvon was giving Zimmerman an @$$-whooping. In each one of these cases, the black community exploded into violence in reaction to what they saw as injustice. 53 people died in the initial LA riots, white people across the United States have been assaulted and killed with the black perpetrators shouting, ‘this is for Trayvon’. Remarkably, the media coverage of these attacks is minimal to non-existent. Everyone from people who testified in the OJ case to the defense team for George Zimmerman received death threats, were picketed against by the Black Panthers and vilified by any black American who was close to a microphone. The facts and evidence do not seem to matter to any of them as they continue to support a theory or theories that have been consistently disproven. And now Sharpton and Jackson are hitching their wagon to a repeal of stand your ground laws as being a violation of civil rights. To take this nonsensical position to the rightful conclusion, the position that a person (read: white person) has the right to defend their lives against an assault (read: by a black person) is a violation of the black offender’s civil rights. Since when do blacks have a civil right to assault anyone they so choose? And since when does it even make sense to assert that it is only natural that a black person would assault a white person? If EVERYTHING is a civil rights issue, then NOTHING is a civil rights issue. Neither of these two men have ever been truly honest in the words they speak. Facts are thrown out the window as long as it fits their agenda. Consider these facts: 1. 33% of all of the Florida Stand Your Ground cases involving fatalities are made by black defendants. 2. More than half of those have been successfully defended and acquitted. 3. Black Floridians used the SYG defense at a rate that is twice that of their percentage of Florida’s total population. 4. Most of those fatalities in the SYG cases were white. But those are just facts. But to take facts and evidence into account is as Jackson and Sharpton and even the President Barack Hussein Obama puts it, racist. The truth is that as long as the black community continues to hitch their wagon to falling stars, as long as they continue to make it about race in each and every disagreement, there will never be racial harmony in the United States of America. Because despite the utter failures by these so-called leaders of the black community, they continue to listen and follow with a rabid blind obedience. What they should do is start listening to black Americans who lead a positive life. A Herman Cain, Condoleezza Rice, Mia Love, Allen West any and all would be positive role models for the black community to follow, to heed and to learn from. Their hesitancy to do so either betrays an innate knowledge that they choose losers to follow, or these arguments aren’t about black and white at all.

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