Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Our Dual Citizenship Now Available on Several eBook websites.

Our Dual Citizenship ebook for Christians and Churches to use in Bible study, available in ebook and paperback versions on these sites.






Review for Our Dual Citizenship - "It is obvious that the intended audience is to the Christian community at large. This book should be read by anyone who profess to believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of God and is a citizen of the United States.
It is a refreshing read of the forgotten meaning of our Constitution and the Bill of Rights and its Amendments from the Christian perspective of the original framers who wrote it. As I finished reading this book I kept thinking of all the people I know that I want to read this book. It will remind us of our roots. One of the biggest problem in this country today, is we have forgotten our roots, and we need to comeback to the wellspring of our country and drink from the waters of desire for freedom that our forefathers drank from. The writer David Roberts is a minister for the Christian Church and did a splendid job of going back to the roots of our country and drawing a comparison between the Christians of the past with today. This is an provocative study every church should teach. "

It will be just as challenging for Christians to read as it will be for others. Ask yourself a question:

"What would happen if our churches were to take the original intents of the authors of Scripture as seriously as the Tea Party members take the original intents of the Founding Fathers?"

Read the free sample of the book which is a copy of an article published in the Christian Standard's 2011 July 4th Issue.

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